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Programs & Approaches

Our Theory of Change

Ajenda Kenya’s Theory of Change focuses on the Participation of the people (Community) as the source of solution to their challenges. We strive to provide a platform to the communities to have conversations and dialogues about issues affecting them. Our work is therefore to facilitate, stimulate, catalyze, and support the people into critical thinking to design and implement initiatives aimed at creating social change. We work with communities at their level, acting on what is of value to them, and enabling them to understand, articulate, and defend their rights and push for good accountable governance.

Research, Monitoring, and documentation

Ajenda Kenya shall ensure evidence-based information and sharing of knowledge by building the capacity of its staff and the youth in the communities.

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Partnership and collaboration

Building a relationship between our stakeholders to address different challenges in the community as a way of ensuring the sustainability of interventions. This is through networking and promotion of participatory community initiatives that promote democratic governance, peace and security, and sexual reproductive healthcare.

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Lobbying and Advocacy

We recognize that advocacy is a daily process and different kinds of issues require collective action. This shall be done by conducting civic education and community outreach to participate in the decision-making on community issues and influence public policy through mobilization and sensitization. This also involves media relations and publicity

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Capacity Building

Ajenda Kenya considers capacity building as a process of enhancing skill sets. This involves the training of the communities on economic empowerment, sexual reproductive health, fundamental freedom, and human rights, etc. to enable the community to respond to different demands in the community for them to be self-reliant.

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Enhance enjoyment of fundamental rights and freedoms by communities living at the Kenyan Coast.

Peace and Security Program (Counter Violence extremism)

Ajenda Kenya is implementing activities that promote peace and security targeting teenagers, youth, and women in the Coast Region.

The project gives a platform to teenagers, youth, and women to discuss issues and find solutions to community problems. This is achieved through;-

"Peaceful Co-existence, Good Governance, Respect for Human Rights & Sustainable Development"

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Soccer for Peace Project

We felt the growth in different Coastal Counties necessitates the crucial need to address the growing gaps of teenagers and youth grievances in the community in a more specialized and focused way to enhance their voices in addressing the local issues. We are nurturing talents through football as a way of preventing the teenagers from joining juvenile gang groups and indulging in drugs and substance abuse that has been on the rise in Mombasa County in the recent past.

Climate Justice

In line with REDD+ objective on landscape restoration, Ajenda Kenya is working closely with the local marginalized and vulnerable communities along the coastal region to adapt and mitigate climate change through local solutions.

To realize change the organization has adopted a site in Mdekerekani, Kisauni Sub-County for mangrove restoration. A monthly fun plantation day is set at
the beginning of each quarter to plant mangroves.

Advocacy and Civic Engagement Program

We are promoting conversations that enhance people’s capacity to develop a strategy and take action as either an individual or society to make a positive difference in their own civic life.

The community is encouraged to participate in advocating or lobbying for their interests or the interests of their constituencies. As an organization, we are determined to ensure that the Coast residents are well empowered to participate in the initiation, planning, and management of the projects done by the
respective county government and encourage the youth and women to take up the opportunities that
are given to them by the local government in charge.

Sexual Reproductive Health and Gender-Based Violence Program

We consider Sexual Reproductive Health and Gender-Based Violence as sensitive matters that cut across all genders. There have been measures taken by various stakeholders to curb these issues.
However, the cases increase daily hence the need to address them. The organization therefore focuses on the Sexual Reproductive Health Rights of the Youths between 12 to 17 years.

These are mostly school-going children. Consent is gotten from their teacher’s in-charge as well as the parents/guardians.

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Ajenda Kenya is a youth-led organization registered under the Kenyan Laws in 2018 as a Community Based
Organization in the Coast of Kenya. 

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