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To promote a holistic approach for a peaceful democratically governed society by promoting tolerance, respect of human rights, and economic empowerment for sustainable development

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Dedicated towards advancing good governance and fostering equality for all.
Enhance enjoyment of fundamental rights and freedoms by communities living at the Kenyan Coast
A society that cherishes dignity, upholds human rights, and strives for sustainable development.


Words From Our Hearty People

We continually experiment. We fail quickly and productively. We use feed back to guide our course.

Our Theory of Change

Our Approaches

Capacity Building

Ajenda Kenya considers capacity building as a process of enhancing skill sets. This involves the training of the communities on economic empowerment, sexual reproductive health, fundamental freedom, and human rights, etc. to enable the community to respond to different demands in the community for them to be self-reliant.

Lobbying and Advocacy

We recognize that advocacy is a daily process and different kinds of issues require collective action. This shall be done by conducting civic education and community outreach to participate in the decision making on community issues and influence public policy through mobilization and sensitization. This also involves media relations and publicity.

Partnership and collaboration

Building a relationship between our stakeholders to address different challenges in the community as a way of ensuring the sustainability of interventions. This is through networking and promotion of participatory community initiatives that promote democratic governance, peace and security, and sexual reproductive healthcare.

Research, Monitoring, and documentation

Ajenda Kenya shall ensure evidence-based information and sharing of knowledge by building the capacity of its staff and the youth in the communities. This shall include researching issues and problems that face the local community and give recommendations on how to address particular problems. It will involve; data collection, analysis, and reporting that shall be useful in indemnification of policy gaps.
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We seek to drive change on large scale
Peaceful Co-existence, Good Governance, Respect for Human Rights & Sustainable Development

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