Our Theory of Change

Ajenda Kenya’s Theory of Change focuses on the Participation of the people (Community) as the source of solution to their challenges. We strive to provide a platform to the communities to have conversations and dialogues about issues affecting them. Our work is therefore to facilitate, stimulate, catalyze, and support the people into critical thinking to design and implement initiatives aimed at creating social change. We work with communities at their level, acting on what is of value to them, and enabling them to understand, articulate, and defend their rights and push for good accountable governance.


Ajenda Kenya understands that advocacy is an ongoing effort in addressing societal issues. The organization incorporates civic engagement and community outreaches to influence decision making processes regarding community concerns. We endeavour to influence public policy through mobilization and sensitization efforts. The organization also prioritizes building media relations and publicity so as to enhance the visibility […]

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This approach involves fostering relationships with like-minded stakeholders to collectively address issues within the community. This is mainly aimed at ensuring the sustainability of our interventions. This is achieved through networking and promoting participatory community initiatives that focus on promoting democratic governance, peaceful co-existence and improved sexual reproductive healthcare, aligning with the organization’s commitment to […]

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Ajenda Kenya empowers the youth through capacity building through mentorship and mutual learning. This journey involves peer-to-peer knowledge sharing, where participants eventually become trainers of trainees thus amplifying the impact of projects. Ajenda Kenya's focus on youth ensures a vibrant future, where empowered young leaders blossom and communities thrive.

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Ajenda Kenya is committed to using research, monitoring, evaluation, adaptation and learning (MEAL) to drive positive change in the lives of young people along the Kenyan Coast. The organization gathers data on the needs and experiences of young people in the thematic areas such as peacebuilding, climate justice, governance and reproductive health. This data is used to inform the organization's programs and strategies, ensuring that they are relevant, responsive and effective. Ajenda Kenya also empowers youth capacity in data collection, analysis, and reporting so that they can actively participate in the monitoring and evaluation process

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Enhance enjoyment of fundamental rights and freedoms by communities living at the Kenyan Coast.

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Ajenda Kenya is a youth-led organization registered under the Kenyan Laws in 2018 as a Community Based
Organization in the Coast of Kenya. 

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