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Uraia Social Audit Report

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February 2, 2023

                   EXECUTIVE SUMMARY

Since the inception of devolution in 2010, Mombasa County has been performing poorly in terms of budget implementation. The 2013/2014 budget report cited that Mombasa County had not been utilizing its budget as compared to other counties. It is in this light that a proposal was developed to identify, analyze and present memoranda to the county officials as a means of strengthening the budgetary allocations. This study focused on two sub-counties, namely Jomvu and Kisauni. The first meeting involved a round table discussion with the budget champions for the two sub-counties. After-which, a study survey tool was developed to assist in identifying the stalled projects. A thorough analysis of the County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP), the Annual Development Plan (ADP) and the Auditor’s general reports came into play as they formed the basis of reference for the stalled projects.


According to the report, Mwakirunge area in Kisauni Sub-County has three ECDE schools that have not been completed since 2016. Several other projects such as fencing and landfill of the famous Mwakirunge dumpsite have not been affected. In Jomvu Sub-County, the Jitoni cabro road and Jomvu Model Rehabilitation Centers have not been completed. Other projects that have not been implemented include the construction of a wholesale market and operationalization  of  the  incinerator  at  the  Jomvu  Model  Health  Center.  Following  the general elections held on 9th August 2022, there is a need for the newly elected leaders to complete unfinished/stalled projects before initiating new projects in the community.


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